July 15, 2022
By Bytewrthy
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Vanilla is no doubt the most popular scent.

Vanilla is an aromatic beauty belonging to the Orchid family and is the only Orchid that bears an edible fruit.

Of over 100 species of Vanilla orchids, Vanilla Planifolia provides vanilla flavor and fragrance.  The demand for Vanilla has skyrocketed, contributing to its high prices – Poachers are recklessly harvesting wild varieties of Vanilla vines (not the true varietal) devoid of fragrance and selling them for profit. In the process Vanilla orchids overall are experiencing stress.

  1. Synthetic (laboratory made) Vanilla is what is being utilized mostly – A genetically modified variety of bacteria is behind today’s commonly seen Vanilla ingredient. Because bacteria are living things, Synthetic Vanilla can still be labeled ‘Natural’.
  2. Climate Change puts Vanilla in imminent danger; Vanilla often grows in wetlands at low elevation; rising sea levels could drown Vanilla habitats – scientists are looking to develop sustainable methods to reproduce/migrate Vanilla species and conserve existing habitats.

Vanilla is unable to satisfy the insatiable maw of the human species. True Vanilla taste is to be treasured!

  • Vanilla Beans are odorless
  • Vanilla Orchid Varieties are struggling to survive
  • Most of us will never know the true scent of Vanilla!


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