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March 15, 2022
By Bytewrthy
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The Benefits of Silk Pillowcases for Skin and Hair

silk pillowcases

Boasting a millennia-old heritage, elegant and natural silk is, to many, the perfect representation of what affordable luxury is all about.

The origins of the silk industry date as far back as Neolithic China. But it’s only with the birth of the Silk Road that this prized material started to be known around the world — and from that moment on, we were hooked.

In recent years, the beauty industry seems to have fallen in love with this lavish fiber even more…

Here are the biggest benefits of silk pillowcases and silk-based products for healthier skin and hair!

The top 4 benefits of silk pillowcases and silk beauty products

In the beauty and wellness world, silk is mostly used in two ways: As a key ingredient for haircare and skincare products and as a gentle fabric for sheets and pillowcases.

Sericin and fibroin, the two main proteins found in silk strands, have been found to promote cell repair and regeneration, on top of boosting hydration and natural shine.

Silk pillowcases and silk sheets, on the other hand, are the talk of the town when it comes to combating skin irritation and retaining hair moisture.

But let’s take a closer look at the benefits of silk pillowcases and silk proteins for an all-natural beauty boost:

  1. No more skin irritation

Silk is the perfect hypoallergenic material for soothing irritation and even keeping infections at bay, whether you’re using skincare products with sericin or simply using silk clothing and bedding.

Silk’s signature smoothness and sericin’s antibacterial properties have been proven to reduce inflammation and promote collagen synthesis, aiding the wound healing process.

  1. Healthier and shinier hair

The benefits of silk pillowcases are even more apparent when it comes to achieving healthier-looking, shinier hair.

Haircare specialists swear by the smooth texture of silk as a natural solution to dry, frizzy hair. This is because traditional cotton pillows are a lot more porous than silk, absorbing moisture from your hair and often resulting in dry strands and scalp.

Silk pillowcases are a godsend for curly and textured hair.

But if you want to get even better results, picking hair products with sericin and fibroin can help seal your cuticles and add shine to even the most damaged hair!

  1. Youthful, hydrated skin

By the same token, silk proteins and silk bedding can also help keep your skin hydrated, firm, and youthful.

Touted as the next big thing in anti-aging skincare, silk-based skincare products are not only able to retain moisture and ease inflammation but might also be able to stimulate collagen production.

In fact, sericin has been found to stimulate collagen synthesis through one of its amino acids (methionine), resulting in firmer skin and increased cell regeneration.

  1. Better sleep

Last but not least, silk bedding and silk pillowcases are some of the most comfortable materials on the planet, making them the perfect ingredient to a sound, uninterrupted sleep.

And what better way to promote skin and hair health than to get your 8 to 9 hours of beauty sleep, every single night?

Is silk ethical and cruelty-free?

While the research behind the benefits of silk for skin and hair is promising, some conscious consumers might still want to skip silk products in favor of more ethical alternatives.

Silk is an animal-derived fabric, created by unraveling the fine fibers of silkworms’ cocoons.

Silkworm larvae, like all other species of moths and butterflies, spin themselves into a thick cocoon before re-emerging as moths, and it is exactly from these cocoons that manufacturers get their silk.

The conventional process involves boiling the cocoon to dissolve the structure and carefully picking out the fiber strands — killing the larvae in the process.

What about peace silk?

Ahimsa silk, also known as peace silk, is a cruelty-free alternative to traditional silk.

The process of making peace silk doesn’t harm silkworms, allowing the larvae to transform into silk moths before harvesting the discarded cocoon.

This cruelty-free silk boasts all the same antimicrobial and hydrating properties as traditional silk, and it’s been used by independent fashion brands for years.

If you want to keep your beauty sleep routine free from unnecessary cruelty, you can find plenty of organic peace silk pillowcases and sheets — as long as you don’t mind the price tag.

Unfortunately, however, the beauty world is still behind the times when it comes to using cruelty-free silk. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any skincare or haircare brand disclosing where their silk comes from! Plus, there is no guarantee or evidence that silk prevents wrinkles…

Silky smooth skin, the natural way

The skin and hair health benefits of silk pillowcases and silk beauty products are making this historic material precious once again.

But if you care about shopping ethically and cruelty-free, you might have to make compromises when it comes to buying conventional silk.

Buying peace silk can definitely make a difference, but if you want to keep your beauty and sleep routine as ethical and sustainable as possible, why not start your journey by nourishing your body from within?

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