Clean Beauty or Pretty Words?

‘Clean’, ‘Green’, ‘Natural’, ‘Non-Toxic’, ‘Sustainable’… Throw in ‘Science-Backed’ as well! None of those terms have regulated definitions and we know this leaves plenty of room for greenwashing. For us, clean means using information and judgment to curate products which are highly likely to be safe for you and for the environment. We still say “likely” because nothing works for everyone and it would be a disservice to you for us to pretend otherwise! The most natural, organic, plant-based oil will be sensitizing to at least a few. We of course weed out ingredients which are legit bad for humans, unfriendly to the environment (like chemical sunscreens), or just reasonably concerning on either ground. But we go beyond words and actively seek products designed to be simply efficacious, with you in mind. To us, health & wellness are the ultimate goals and we are amazed by the power of simple, plant-based solutions.

Cool! But What Do You Stay Away From?

We do take care to weed out the stuff that has no business being on your skin. This includes parabens, dyes and bleaching agents, aluminum, SLS/SLES sulfates, chemical sunscreens, PEG’s, phthalates, unspecified “fragrance ingredients”, DEA, BHA, formaldehyde and other noxious preservatives.

Where Do I Start?

Start with the basics – body wash, cleansers, moisturizers and shampoo/conditioner with clean ingredients – and of course upgrade what you sense is really not working well for you. Give yourself time! You are unique and it’s hard to know what changed for the better for you if you switched up everything in one fell swoop. You don’t have to change only one product at a time but don’t just empty out your cabinet – this would be wasteful!  Allow yourself space to discover what your skin loves and what it doesn’t. Most of us don’t have advanced chemistry degrees and we learn over time what to look for on labels! Bytewrthy makes it simpler to identify your favorites by curating plant-based products which avoid fillers and purposefully lean on a few ingredients.

Are Your Products Vegan?

Most products sold by Bytewrthy are vegan. The only animal-linked ingredients we might make exceptions for are honey or beeswax.

Our Sustainability Efforts

Our collective wellness requires a healthy planet – Our Commitment To Sustainability.

Curious About Your Skin Type?

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