oiling dry skin

Dry Scaly Skin Begone

July 30, 2021
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oiling dry skin

Skin is a complex “organ” but achieving smooth skin in itself need not be complex nor should it require the type of Naftalan Crude Oil Soaks performed in Azerbaijan! While body oiling has myriad benefits, it should not necessitate spa treatments where one’s dollar is on the clock. At Bytewrthy, we rely on a no fail DIY routine using plant-based oils, and hopefully within our offerings, you will find a rock-solid companion that makes you radiate.

But first, let us get a basic understanding of skin anatomy. Humans shed around 500 million skin cells each day.

In fact, the outermost part of the epidermis (Stratum Corneum aka Horny Layer) consists of approximately 25–30 layers of dead cells. New cells are made in the lower layers and make their way to the surface over the course of 3-4 weeks to replace the dead cells that are shed (a process known as desquamation). The cells in the stratum corneum are bound together by epidermal lipids which are essential for healthy skin; they create its protective barrier (hydrolipid film) and bind in moisture. These cells can also absorb water. This additional hydration of the outermost layer is what defines the “spring back” properties of skin often associated with youthfulness. When lipids are missing, skin can become dry and rough. Moisturizing with oil mimics skin’s own barrier function to increase hydration.

Getting dead skin off & staying moisturized

So, what are the best oils to use for hydrating the skin? Here is a hand-picked list of Plant-Based oils you might want to try, though please note that the benefits / claims of each product is based on research we have found and has not been verified by us independently in a lab:

Calendula (Marigold) provides a soothing effect as it helps to prevent ski irritation. It contains high amounts of nourishing fatty acids (about 38% of oleic and 48% of linoleic acid) and repairs and regenerates dry skin. For centuries it has been known for its healing powers.

Shea Butter is the most talked about natural butter in skincare.  It is the Rock for skin treatments and is used as a moisturizer and emollient. It regenerates and protects skin from external factors (such as UV rays) and has antioxidants (vitamin A, E, F, Quercetin and Epigallocatechin Gallate). If you are looking for rich emollient benefits, look no further.

Baobab also known as the Tree of Life is rich in the amino acid lysine and saturated with vitamins and omega 6 & 9. This is a must have oil for dry, aging skin and uncontrollable hair.

Sea Buckthorn also known as Siberian Pineapple is an edible plant that contains all four omega fatty acids (3, 6, 9 and the rarer omega-7), it is believed to promote collagen growth – which has made it an enticing ingredient for use in beauty balms and ointments. Sea buckthorn oil aids in regeneration, treating stretch marks, scars, eczema and is also high in plant sterols which benefits the skin barrier.

Sesame Seed a do-it-all oil keeps the skin supple, fights aging, keeps your locks healthy, and acts as a base oil. It heals and protects areas of mild abrasions and is good for all skins including baby skin. Its one downside is the strong scent.  It has also been used in some cases as a sex-lubricant, but we would not advocate it until you have run an allergy test.

Look for Cold Pressed, Unrefined Organic, Hexane free oils…

But don’t just yet jump into a tub of oil – like all good things there is a prep process that will produce better results – We’ve laid out the steps for you.  You can always bring a dash of oomph to the process by sharing with your dates or partners.  Post a sweaty workout (or other “rigorous exercise”) and before bedtime makes for perfect timing.

❖ Take a warm shower or soak in a bath and loofah away dead skin. Tip: recycle your coffee grains as loofah.

❖ When you are out of the shower towel dry lightly. Remain just a tad wet so the oil has a chance to absorb.

❖ Slather on just enough warm oil – A little of your rose/lavender/hibiscus skin toner mixed into the oil is also a way to spread the oil and smell incredible.

❖ Wear your boxers or jammies (let your clothing be airy for unrestrictive blood flow and circulation). Hit the sack!

❖ Shower as you would normally the next day and pass on exfoliating.

❖ Voila! You are good to go. Repeat once or twice a week for a month.

❖ Skip on your daily body moisturizer occasionally. Keeping your skin breathing 2-3 days a week with absolutely no product is also good way to restore skin pH.


In this golden age of self-care, Skincare has become the universal fountain of youth. Following the above routine can gift your mind, body, and wallet in so many ways – take a deep breath and enjoy!

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